Dr. Vilma Irazola

Dr. Irazola is a cardiologist and epidemiologist. She is the Director of the Department of Chronic Diseases at the Institute for Clinical Effectiveness and Health Policy (IECS) and Director and PI of the South American Center of Excellence for Cardiovascular Health (CESCAS) at IECS. Dr. Irazola is a professor of Outcome Research and Advanced Statistical Methods at the University of Buenos Aires and a visiting professor at the Bernard Lown Cardiovascular Health Program at Harvard and at the McSilver Institute for Poverty and Research of New York University.

Her research is focused on health promotion, cardiovascular and cardiometabolic diseases, and cancer. She has extensive experience and leadership in scaling-up and implementation research in the area of chronic diseases and food systems. She is also an expert in the field of outcome measurements and questionnaire development and validation.