Dr. Donna Spiegelman

Dr. Spiegelman is one of the few people in the world with a joint doctorate in biostatistics and epidemiology, and as such, she can play the role of interlocutor between both disciplines. Her research is motivated by problems, which arise in epidemiology and require biostatistical solutions. Dr. Spiegelman offers her expertise in monitoring and evaluation in order to develop, test, and implement preventive interventions to abate global cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease epidemics. Dr. Spiegelman and her doctoral students also collaborate with BetterBirth through examining the use of pilot data to understand programmatic changes and “learning-by-doing” models of implementation science.

In general, she has focused on methods for study design and data analysis, which reduce bias in estimation and inference due to measurement error or misclassification in the exposure variable. She has extensive experience in troubleshooting and solving methodological issues that arise in longitudinal investigations, in clinical trials, and in large-scale public health effectiveness evaluation.